RAT BOY // NASS Festival 2016

Last July I shot for NASS Festival for the second time as part of their photography team. One Person I made sure I went and shot was RATBOY - had been seeing his name cropping up on social media pretty frequently and after watching a bunch of his tour videos he seemed like a pretty fun person to shoot pictures of… so obviously I jumped at the opportunity! 

After trying to get people to jump up on stage with him (which the security weren't too cool with) he was then passed up a board from the crowd and landed a 'first try friday' kick flip up on stage. This plus a sick set of songs which got the crowd hyped made for a super fun time of shooting.

knowing that Jordan and the other members of RATBOY were into skating, I sent Jordan a direct message on Instagram the night before NASS asking if he had any time after his set to come shoot some photos. He seemed pretty keen so after me, Jordan, Noah and Tommy went around NASS looking for things to skate - which there were plenty of. Propa sound group of boys so had a blast that eve. Thanks guys :)

Anyway.. here are the photos I shot with them